Video-tutorial: How to create a 3D video/3D movie

How to create 3D video
How to create 3D video

In the following video tutorial you will learn how to easily make a 3D video. Using two cameras or camcorders and the appropriate program on your computer. It's easier than you might think.


The full text of the commentary is below the video. 3DJournal software is available in English and Czech.

Speech transcript from the video for quick reference:

It is easy to create a 3D video or a 3D movie.

You just need two movie cameras - or still cameras - capable to record video.

Open the recording from the left camera - in a free conversion software - for example in the VirtualDub - and by just two mouse clicks save the individual frames of the recording.

Now do the same for the recording from the right camera.

Start the 3DJournal software. Open the first left frame and then the first right frame.

Make some adjustments if necessary. Like, for example, resizing.

Create a 3D image. Use 3D glasses.

Save the first 3D frame like jpg - for viewing on your computer - or like stereo jpg - for uploading to YouTube.

In the Extra menu set the number of frames of your video. You may estimate it if you don't know the exact number. And start processing.

The resulting images will look like this - jpg, stereo jpg.

Now use the VirtualDub software again.

Open the first 3D frame, set the framerate (30 will be usually OK), set the compression (XVID MPEG 4 should be OK, you may even set the quality, for example to six) and save the video.

Now you can upload it to YouTube. Don't forget to set special 3D parameters - yt3D (yt3d:enable=true, yt3d:aspect=16:9 for 16:9 video).

The resulting 3D video should look like this. You and your watchers may switch among various formats and resolutions.

If you need to synchronize the left and the right video, then use double arrows in the 3DJournal software. You can go - step by step - through individual frames.

And you can use other functions of 3DJournal software as well - like zoom, various color codings, 3D live colors, resizing to HD and more.

If you want to use the software on a netbook, you may resize the interface.

Welcome to the world of 3D video and 3D movies!


3DJournal, July 2010