Great stereoscopic 3D maze

Stereoskopic game Turbo Lode
Stereoskopic game Turbo Lode

Up until now, we've mainly been creating 3D images, but this time we're offering you a break - a game you can play with 3D glasses on your nose. So come along with the main character to navigate through the maze and collect golden bricks.


The game is free, freely distributable and can be downloaded from here. Just select download in the left menu and then self installing exe on this page. Run the downloaded program to install the game.

You can then run the Turbo Lode version of the software, which can display the scenes for 3D glasses. You move using the arrows in the maze, holding CTRL together with arrows you can changes the camera view. The spacebar is used to jump, the SHIFT key can be used to perform various actions, such as kicking in some places.

This game seems to be functional even 20 years since we first wrote about it.

You can switch to 3D mode by pressing F8, pressing F4 changes the resolution, and F6 switches the image to full screen. The ESC key brings up the menu and F1 of course brings up the help.

The goal is always to collect the golden bricks and pass through the exit door - the task is specified at the beginning of each level. The game can also be played over the network - in this case it must be started with the /network parameter. The game can be played by up to 4 players.

If you get tired of the levels supplied with the game, you can create your own. The game also installs a level editor. So have fun.

Help for the game

If you don't know what to do at the start of the game, then you might find this brief guide useful: collect the bricks at the start, climb up the ladder and finish collecting. Go through the door to the next level. Here, collect the bricks and dig down (preferably at the spot by the wall opposite the tooth next to the door). Down below, collect the bricks and let the bouncers carry you up to the block in the middle. Pick up a brick here, go back down and let the hopper drop through the hole you dug and back up (it should be directly above). From here, go through to the next level.

In the third level, make sure you run quickly away from whatever is chasing you... And now we'll leave the rest up to you.

3DJournal, August 2003