How to watch 3D/stereoscopic video


3D movies are another attractive option for using anaglyph and stereoscopy in general. There are many 3D videos available on the internet, but not all of them are designed for blue-red glasses. But they can be helped. In the following text we will show how and give some tips on where to go on the Internet for 3D videos.


3D video, or, if you prefer, stereoscopic video, works on the same principles as 3D (stereoscopic) images. However, since the video needs to be compressed more due to its size, problems with the 3D effect can sometimes arise, especially when using the anaglyph technique. Other techniques are not so susceptible.

When this article was first published, you may have found several spatial videos on this page tagged with the camera. Back then, we still recommended that if you have a slower connection, you download the videos to disk (by right-clicking on the camera and selecting Save Target As) before viewing them. Today, twenty years later, we're in a bit different situation. For most 3D videos, you'll probably head to YouTube.

3D videos on YouTube

Sledování 3D videa na YouTube většinou není žádná věda. Prostě zadejte do vyhledávání klíčová slova stereoscopic video anebo prostě klikněte na uvedený odkaz. Pokud chcete sledovat videa určená pro modročervené (nebo, častěji, blankytně-červené) brýle, hledejte přímo anaglyph video anebo klikněte na uvedený odkaz.

Watching a 3D video on YouTube is usually not rocket science. Just type the keywords stereoscopic video into the search box or simply click on the link provided. If you want to watch videos designed for blue-red (or, more commonly, cyan-red) glasses, search directly for anaglyph video or click the link here.

Converting video

Some stereoscopic videos are not designed for blue-red glasses - they are viewed using another method, such as the so-called parallel view. However, this technique is difficult for many people to master. Previously, the solution was Stereoscopic player software, but today we would rather recommend playing on a mobile phone with Google cardboard glasses or similar.

Another solution may be the VirtualDub program - downloadable here. However, it is a bit more difficult to work with. To create an anaglyph video you need to download the filter Interlaced RGB 0.3.

Now run the program, upload the video and go to Video/Filters. Use the Add button to add the Deinterlace filter; set it to Fold side-by-side fields together. Then add the Interlaced RGB filter, where under Even Lines check RGB2Y. Add the same filter again, and this time under Even Lines check Clone R and under Odd Lines check Clone G B. If desired, you can also add the HSV adjust filter before all filters to reduce the color saturation - and thus help the 3D effect.

And a word of warning: VirtualDub uses multiple output windows, if you have a low display resolution (e.g. 800 x 600), the output window may hide behind the right edge of the screen - so you won't see anything. The Options/Vertical Displays option can help.

3DJournal, October 2003