Free Book about 3D photo and 3D video

The book about 3D photo and 3D video
The book about 3D photo and 3D video

If you like reading good books in your e-book reader, download our free book about 3D photo and 3D video.


To allow our readers easily enter into the world of 3D photos and 3D videos, we published a book on this topic some time ago. You can download it for free in pdf, epub and mobi, so it is easy to read the book in almost any e-book reader, in your mobile phone or computer.

The book begins with a brief introduction: "3D photos are more than 100 years old and 3D movies are just a few years younger. But only now it is at last possible – and even easy – to make your own 3D photos and 3D videos at home. You can have great 3D photos of your holidays, of your family, of your life. And there is a big difference between ordinary 2D photos and 3D ones – the perception of depth may be literally stunning. For you, for your family and for your friends."

And then there is the first chapter: How 3D photos and 3D movies work. As the name suggests, you can find out there just how it is possible that the image is perceived as 3D, spatially. In the book you can read about 3D imaging systems, how to take 3D photos and 3D video and much more.

You will also find tips and tricks there on how to take the best 3D photos, and advices on how to properly store 3D photos. Believe us, to save the 3D photos in too compressed jpg files is not the best idea.

The book also includes chapters devoted to how to convert 2D photos to 3D, or how to convert 2D video to 3D. Simply: If you want to quickly and easily learn about important issues around 3D photos and 3D videos, you should download this book. You have nothing to lose - it is free.

The book can be downloaded from SmashWords here.

3DJournal, February 2017