Duel with 3D penguins

Stereoscopic game Froogz
Stereoscopic game Froogz

If you fancy some 3D gaming fun, read on. We've got a truly unusual anaglyph game for you - a duel with enemies that look like penguins.


The game in question is called Froogz, it's free and you can download it here. Run the downloaded file - this will install the game. You can click on the standard options.

Once installed, run the game. If it reports an error (and it sometimes does), click OK and run it again. On the second try, everything is fine.

Let's play in 3D

After starting the game, press F2 and select Anaglyph mode in the General tab. You can also set the display quality, and in the other items you can set the control (click on the desired action and then press the selected key) or split the screen into parts - if there is more than one player playing on one computer (this option does not work reliably). On the General tab you can save your settings (Save configuration) and then close the window using the cross in the upper right corner.

This game seems to be working even 20 years after we first wrote about it.

Use the Enter key to scroll to the next screen, here you can set the game mode (for example battle), the environment (for example cavern), the number of players and the number of weapons. The item you want to change can be selected with the down arrow, the item can be changed with the right and left arrows. Another press of the Enter key will take you to the recap, and another will take you straight to the game.

If you don't set the controls up otherwise, the cursor keys are used to control character movement, CTRL to shoot, Enter to jump, and SHIFT and the cursor keys to aim. The fourth key, which is set somewhat nonsensically by default, changes the weapon selected (we recommend switching it to ALT, for example). The goal is to find your opponents in the maze and shoot them faster than they can shoot you.

Use the ALT+Enter key combination to switch to full-screen. Along with the game you will also install a program to set some of its other parameters - specifically resolution and drivers. So if you made a mistake in the settings during installation, you can fix it here.

And that's it. We wish you a pleasant playing experience.

3DJournal, December 2003