3DJournal celebrates 20th birthday and gives away free 3D software

The original look of 3DJournal from 2003
The original look of 3DJournal from 2003

The web magazine 3DJournal celebrated its 20th birthday last year, in 2023, and so it's time for some news: In addition to a brand new look, it's also offering both of its apps and all of its articles for free starting in 2024.


We created the 3DJournal software 20 years ago - and then improved it several times - so that you can easily create stereoscopic - or, as it is also called, 3D - photographs in various formats and without special equipment, even with just one camera or mobile phone. Previously, we only offered the Free version for download, but now you can also download the full version for free. You can find it on this page, where you will also find its registration code.

The 3DJournal DX software is used to convert 2D photos into 3D - and it is now also available for free download in its full version on the above-mentioned page.

We are also bringing you a new form of 3D photo galleries, in two parts: in the first one you will find all our existing 3D photos in anaglyph format, and in the second one we are including all new 3D photos, and you can now view them both with classic cyan and red glasses, without 3D glasses and also with virtual reality glasses.

The user galleries that were no longer used or visited are now disappearing from the 3DJournal website.

We also went through all the articles and added updated information where it made sense.

And finally - we've also prepared some new articles, which focus on new developments in the world of 3D photography and 3D images. We would like to add new content continuously as the field of 3D and stereoscopy develops.

Thank you for your support, thank you for being with us.

Petr Mandík,

3DJournal, January 2024