3D flat in perfect quality

KitchenDraw and finished 3D kitchen
KitchenDraw and finished 3D kitchen

In this post we will discuss the topic of creating 3D flats. This time we will use a truly professional program - and the results will be almost photorealistic.


It is KitchenDraw, which can be downloaded from this page. The free downloadable version is limited by the length of use - but this is not particularly restrictive.

This program seems to be working even 20 years after we first wrote about it.

The program is primarily used for kitchen design, but you can also create a stunning 3D bathroom. In addition, KitchenDraw will help you create left and right views - but more on that later.

Once you start the program, you need to enter the properties of the new 'job' (just fill in a company) and then you can choose what colour the kitchen will be. In the top list there are its individual components (face shade, cabinet shade, etc), and on the bottom left you can click on the colours you want (white, beige, beech, etc). Next, select the size of the kitchen, for example 3000 x 3000 millimetres and 2500 millimetres high.

We build furniture

After entering all the above properties, you will be in the editor window. At the top right you have the elements from which to build the kitchen - at the very top you can select the databank (kitchens and bathrooms, accessories...), below that is the type of cabinets (base cabinet, extension...) and finally the specific cabinet. In addition, you can change some of the cabinet's properties - such as height, depth, etc. - using the fields below.

To place a cabinet in the kitchen, simply grab it with the mouse and drag it into place. If you left-click on it and then right-click on it, you can select Properties from the menu and set additional properties for the cabinet (such as making it taller so that it sits on top of another cabinet). You cannot place another cabinet (or another object, such as a flower) where one cabinet (or another object, such as a flower) is already standing (but you can place it on top of or below it).

3D kitchen

The editor has several display options. Building cabinets is best done in Floorplan mode (activated by the button next to the money image button), then let the resulting image be calculated in Perspective photorealistic final mode (camera button).

KitchenDraw seems to have 3D images directly in mind. In fact, you can check which eye you want to look at the kitchen in the View/Viewer menu. So choose the left one first - and save the image (File/Export or just use the Print Screen key and from the clipboard paste it to the graphic editor) and then do the same for the right one.

The resulting 3D image can be composed in the usual way in 3DJournal software.

3DJournal, February 2004