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 free/zdarmaWelcome to the 3DJournal.com
   The story of this server began in a museum. And it began very inconspiciously. It was in the room of optical illusions. Visitors can see there strange pictures in mirrors and 3D pictures. We asked ourselves: Is it possible to transfer this 3D experience to a computer? And were looking for a positive answer. And then, in one moment, we've found blue/red glasses in our old desk.
 free/zdarmaMake 3D photos with any camera
   Maybe you don't believe it is even possible. But you should. It's possible and it is very easy. It is great to have a professional equipment for making professional 3D pictures, but you will be able to make good 3D photos by an ordinary camera or camcorder. How to do it? We will tell you in this article.
 free/zdarmaSoftware for making 3D photos/3D pictures
   To create a 3D photo/3D picture (or a 3D movie) from two photos, you should use a specialized software which makes this task easy. In this article you can find informations about software, which is able to create 3D pictures (and series of them - for 3D animations, 3D videos and 3D movies) and correct a lot of possible problems with them to get the best 3D pictures possible.
 free/zdarmaHow 3D pictures work
   Let's talk - and see on a simple example - how stereograms (3D pictures) work. It will help us to create our own 3D photos and experiment with them.
 free/zdarmaVirtual 3D garden
   You can create your own 3D pictures not only with a camera - you can use some programs as well. One of them can create plants and some other interresting objects, which you can use separately or in a collage. Where you can get this software and how to use it?
 free/zdarmaFrequently Asked Questions
   You send us a lot of questions - and some of them often repeat. Here you can find answers to the most common of them. And our addresses where you can send us more questions.
 paid/placenoPainting of 3D pictures
   You can create 3D pictures not only with a camera or special software - you can use a pen or a graphical editor as well. In this article we will explain, how to paint an anaglyph and a few important rules for creating anaglyphs generally.
 free/zdarmaSuperb 3D maze
   Weve talked about making anaglyphs until now - so lets see 3D pictures from a different point of view now - we will play a 3D game with an red-cyan glasses on our nose. So lets go to a strange maze and collect golden bricks.
 free/zdarmaTips and tricks for 3D gallery
   Every subscriber of 3DJournal has a lot of advantages, for example its own 3D gallery. Its possible to show pictures there - like in a showroom. And everybody on the Internet can see it.
 paid/placenoTips for making best 3D photos
   In 3DJournal you can read about basic principles of making 3D photos. Here we take a much more detailed look look at it and we add some more principles which can help you to make really good 3D photos.
 free/zdarmaNice 3D graphs
   Don't be afraid, we don't want to teach you complicated mathematics. We just want to show you an interresting software you can use to make nice 3D graphics. We will use mainly simle mathematical equations.
 free/zdarma3D duel in space
   We bring you an article about one 3D anaglyph game. It's an action game - you fly through space and hunt enemies. With 3D glasses on your nose.
 free/zdarmaThe cheapest 3D camera - for $8
   Making 3D photos with an ordinary camera has one big disadvantage you can't photograph the scenes with moving objects. How to solve this problem? You can use a simple 3D camera - we write about here. All the photos in this article were taken with this kind of camera.
 paid/placenoMake 3D photos from your old 2D ones
   Do you want to make from your old ordinary 2D photos the 3D ones? No problem. You have only to use the right software. The result maybe isn't the same as with 3D camera, but it's very good.
 free/zdarmaWatching of stereoscopical video
   3D movies (3D video) offers a very interresting possibility how to use the anaglyph technology. You can download a lot of 3D videos from the Internet, but some of them can't be used with red-cyan glasses. We bring you a few tips how to convert them and a few video-links.
 free/zdarmaRendering of 3D pictures
   We are using a camera or a usual 2D software for creating of 3D pictures in most articles on 3DJournal. But here we take a look at a free 3D software which was programmed especially to create 3D graphics. So you can create 3D scenes for 3D glasses freely - as you wish.
 paid/placenoHidden pictures
   Blue/red glasses can be used not only for watching 3D pictures - you can use them for example for reading hidden texts. If you want to then let's go to create hidden pictures and messages.
 free/zdarmaWin plastic 3D glasses
   As we've written in our last two newsletters we prepared a contest for our subscribers. And now it's here. If you want to win plastic 3D glasses then just answer a few questions about 3D Journal and put your 3D image to your gallery.
 free/zdarmaWatch your flat in 3D
   Would you like to create 3D pictures of various rooms? Rooms in your flat, in an office, in a fantasy building? Just try it! We will tell you how to do it easily.
 free/zdarmaPaper 3D photos
   Yes, we like to have 3D photos in our computers, but sometimes we want to show some of them to our friends in their house or to someone in a pub. But how to put the 3D photos on a paper? Are there any problems or is it troublefree?
 free/zdarma3D systems
   There are lot of different ways how to create and watch 3D pictures. 3DJournal mostly writes about anaglyphs, but it can be useful to know other methods as well - and to know, which one can be used in what circumstances.
 free/zdarma3DJournal and you in 2004
   What can you expect to find on our pages in 2004? Who has won our reader's photo contest - which were the best anaglyph images? And your answers in our questionnaire? This article will let you know. And we would like to wish you...
 paid/placeno3D figures
   In some of our articles you can read about how to create a 3D scene and convert it to an anaglyph. But these were scenes without people. Now we will create 3D anaglyph figures.
 free/zdarma3D pinguin battle
   If you like 3D entertainment then it's maybe the right time to take a look to this 3D anaglyph game. We are going to tell you about a quite unusual 3D game you should kill enemies here which look like pinguins.
 paid/placenoCollages - unbelievable 3D pictures
   You've created 3D photos, maybe 3D computer rendered scenes and 3D objects - and now let's think, how to mix it all together. In this article we will show you, how to insert a 3D picture to another one - how to create a 3D collage.
 free/zdarmaMessage board
   You can use 3DJournal message board here. We think it's the right place for exchange of opinions about creating of 3D photos, 3D graphics and the common questions of the wonderful world of 3D.
 paid/placenoTroubles with saving of 3D images
   When you create a good 3D picture it seems all is finished and OK. But there could be one problem - saving your image to a wrong image file format can destroy your great work.
 free/zdarmaClub 3DJournal and new galleries
   In february 2004 3DJournal has changed - and we believe it will help you to enjoy this website even more. We've started 3DJournal Club, changed subscription conditions and our user gallery is now smarter and bigger.
 paid/placenoSpatial 3D animations
   You can maybe create still anaglyphs (3D pictures) now - but could you make them to move?. It's possible to create 3D movies and 3D animations too. In this article we will create a 3D animation.
 free/zdarma3D Lego - Create your own World
   In this article we are going to create 3D pictures with an interesting software tool. Which one? We will create 3D objects using Lego box of bricks. And then we create Lego anaglyphs.
 free/zdarmaWorld of wonderful Atoms
   You can expect two interesting things in this text : We are going to create 3D molecules and we will try - once again - to move 3D objects to be in front of screen.
 paid/placenoTexts in space
   In this article we want to bring you a tip how to create spatial 3D texts. And you can use it as you wish - stand alone or in a collage...
 free/zdarmaSuperior 3D flat
   In this article we are going to write about creating pictures of 3D flat. This time we use a really professional software so you can expects nice 3D pictures.
 paid/placenoMagical 2D to 3D conversion
   In 3DJournal you can read about how to convert a 2D image to the 3D one. But now we are going to tell you a slightly different thing - how to get 3D objects from 2D photos. And these 3D objects can be rotated, shifted etc.
 paid/placenoPerfect 3D paintings
   Would you like to create your own 3D paintings but it seems too complicated? We offer you a simple method how to do it - with it you can paint your own images simply and quickly. And you can paint directly in 3D.
 free/zdarmaInstant 3D objects and texts
   Maybe you sometimes ache for a software, which can quickly offer simple 3D objects and 3D texts to insert to your 3D photos. If it's true then read this article. We have a good tip for you.
 free/zdarmaRecord your first own 3D movie
   When you watch a 3D movie - for example in the IMAX 3D cinema - you maybe think about how to create your own 3D videorecording. No problem. In this article you can read how to do it - with only one or two movie cameras.
 free/zdarma3D pictures with true colors
   A lot of people tries to create 3D pictures with true colors and good 3D effect. They invent new 3D methods and experiment with the old ones. One method - which is quite new - works a little bit similarly like anaglyph, but offers much better colors. But you need special glasses - which you can get from us.
 paid/placenoConvert your 2D movies to the 3D ones
   A lot of us have at home 2D video archive. Recordings from holidays, birthday parties etc. Would it be possible to convert them to 3D? The answer is: Yes, it would.
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