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Superb 3D maze

   We've talked about making anaglyphs until now - so let's see 3D pictures from a different point of view now - we will play a 3D game with an red-cyan glasses on our nose. So let's go to a strange maze and collect golden bricks.

    Standard color view The game is completely free and you can download it from this page . Choose download in the left menu and then self installing exe (you can find the link to this program on our download page for members - and we update it there when necessary). Now run the downloaded file and install the game.
    3D anaglyph mode Now run the Turbo Lode - Software version, which can show the scene in anaglyph 3D. In the maze you can move using arrows, to change camera view press the key CTRL and arrows. Jump with the SPACE key and make actions (for example dig to the ground on selected places) with the SHIFT key.
   To switch to 3D anaglyph view press the F8 key, the F4 key changes the resolution, the F6 key toggles full screen view on and off. The ESC key starts the menu and the F1 key opens help.
   To win the game you have to collect all golden bricks in your level and go through the right door further. You can read your target at the beginning of every level. You can play the game on the net (max. 4 players) as well - then you have to start it with /network switch.
    Our hero on a cube It's possible not only to play prepared levels - you can make your own as well. In the installation process was installed the level editor as well. Have a good time with Turbo Lode.
A few hints
   If you have problems with the game, maybe you will find useful our hints: At the beginning collect all the bricks and use ladder to go up. Collect the rest of bricks and go through the door to a higher level.
   Collect bricks and dig into the ground (the best place is at the wall opposite to the door - but slightly to the left). Go down, collect bricks, use jump machines to jump to the cube. Take a brick and use a jump machine to jump back up. Go through the door to the next level.
   In the third level you have to be very quick... Something is going to kill you...

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