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Frequently Asked Questions

   You send us a lot of questions - and some of them often repeat. Here you can find answers to the most common of them. And our addresses where you can send us more questions.

   Why are the services of 3DJournal.com available only to members? It should be free for everybody!
   It's really nice idea but it doesn't work. Our authors need to eat, buy clothes and sometimes even want to go to the cinema. And all these things are paid - even when ordered over the Internet. And that's the reason why lot of websites started a paid subscription. We know it's hard to say good buy to your money - and that's the reason why we offer special subscription packets with software for making 3D photos (stereograms, anaglyphs) and 3D glasses as well. We believe it's a fair offer.
How to subscribe 3DJournal?
   It's very easy. Click to Become a member (at the very top of this page or everywhere on this website) and then fill in all the necessary items (including your address where we can send 3D glasses, password etc.). As a subscriber/member you can read all the articles, make your own 3D gallery, access to message board... You can buy full version of our 3D software, 3D glasses...
For how long I can subscribe?
   The standard subscription/membership is for lifetime. (For the time of existence of 3DJournal. We guarantee at least 12 months from the time you buy your subscription).
How often do you publish new articles?
   Every time we think there is an interesting new technology, tip and trick etc.
Is it possible to cancel subscription?
   Yes, but we don't return you the money. Because right after the payment you get access to all articles and other services of 3DJournal.
What's the difference between 3D picture and stereogram?
   Real 3D picture of a scene (of a wood, a castle etc.) would allow you to see the scene from every imaginable angle - from the front, from the rear, from the left... Recording of a complete 3D information is very complicated. Stereogram allows to see the scene in a special way - you can see the picture as spatial - you can feel the third dimension. The picture isn't 'flat' as an ordinary photo. But you can see it only from the front view - it's impossible to rotate it and to see the scene for example from the rear view.
Are there other websites about stereograms?
   Yes, we've found a few webpages about stereograms and anaglyphs. The best links you can find in one special section of our website. But no website we've found contains all the informations you can get here. You can usually find there only a few of stereograms and sometimes basic informations about how to watch them. That's the reason why we've created 3DJournal.com.
For how long will 3DJournal exist?
   We are going to make 3DJournal as long as we have our readers. We like to make 3DJournal, but if there is no user then there is no reason to work on this web.
Can I send you an e-mail?
   Sure, we'd be very glad. Our members can write to , authors to , the other, please, to . We get lot of e-mails every day - we are sorry, but we can't answer all of them. We read them all, but we answer with the maximal priority the e-mails from our members.
Why is your english so strange?
   Good question. We are sorry, but english is not our primary language and we can't speak (and write) as good as a native speaker. We are trying hard to write the sentences you can understand. If you feel we aren't successful in this task, please let us know, how to make our texts better. We welcome this kind help.

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