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What brings our new software?

   It is here! We are very happy we may announce new version of 3DJournal software - 2.1, which offers a lot of enhancements. We believe 3DJournal 2.1 offers the best functions for creating of 3D photos, animations and movies - and it is very easy to use again!

   NEWS: We have just introduced NEWER version with even more features - here you can read more about 3DJournal 3.2 for creating 3D photos and 3D videos.
   And we have just published video guides for the new version:
   How to easily create 3D photos (even with one camera)
   How to easily shoot 3D videos/3D movies (even for YouTube)
   Here are information from previous version of this article - about the previous version of 3DJournal:
   3DJournal 2.1 allows you all New 3DJournal softwarewhat allowed it's predecessor - and much more. It allows now not only to shift and rotate the images for the best 3D effect, but resize of the left image as well. It is very useful when you reate 3D photos and movies using two different cameras or camcorders.
   Now you may reduce collor intensity which makes better 3D effect but doesn't degrade the colors very much. You may save the 3D images in all important graphical formats - and you may set quality/size ratio (compression ratio) at jpg files.
   With new 3DJournal software you can create anaglyphs not only for cyan-red glasses, but for other types as well - for example for yellow-blue ones. And you can save current setting for an image - which is great if you want to continue in your work later (or improve your image later). And all functions you may use for images up to 5 megapixels (and on most computers work most functions for bigger images as well - you may try it in our FREE version of 3DJournal software available here).
3D animations, 3D movies
   New 3DJournal software allows you to create a lot of 3D images automatically - one after another - with the same settings (shift, rotation, crop etc.). This function is very useful when you crate a 3D animation or 3D movi. More about crating of 3D movies you may read for example in this article.
   If you don't have the new 3DJournal software yet you may get it here. And more information about it you can read here. Have great fun!

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