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3D figures

   In some of our articles you can read about how to create a 3D scene and convert it to an anaglyph. But these were scenes without people. Now we will create 3D anaglyph figures.

   A human figure (and animal body as well) is quite hard to render on computer. We will try to use a special software which can really help us to complete this task. It's name is Poser and it's working demo version can be downloaded from this web (Download section). (You can find the link to this program on our download page for members - and we update it there when necessary).
   Choose the Pro Pack Demo for Windows. When you finish downloading, unzip the file (you can use for example an Unzip software or Windows Commander) and install it. Demo will work for 30 days, there is only one figure, but for our experiments it's OK.
How to do it
   When you start the program you can see a window with one standard figure (casual man). There is a lot of buttons around which you can use to move the figure and to change it's appearance.
    User interface of the Poser software Above the figure you can find these tools: rotate - rotates selected parts of the body (for example arm up); twist - twists selected parts of the body (for example palm up); translate/pull - pulls the body to the right and to the left; translate/in-out - pulls the body to the front and to the back; scale - changes the scale or deforms a part of the body; taper - distorts a part of the body; chain break - breaks a chain of body parts used for other operations (just try to click to an arm and try to use translate/pull again); color - changes the color of selected part of the body or clothes (you can choose the right color from a palette); grouping tool - groups some parts of the body to one group used for other operations.
   To the right from the figure you can see buttons used to change how the figure should be shown - you can set here for example the color of shadows and the color of backrgound. More to the right there are shown parameters connected to the current operation (the tool which you used as the last one).
   You can use Windows/Library menu to switch on the library of objects (there is only a few of them in the demo) and use them for example to change hairs or pose of your figure. You can even add an different object to the picture.
    Changed figure To the left from the figure you can see tools which can be used to change the camera view. You can use the buttons with pictures of hands to move your camera, the sphere with arrows allows you to rotate it, the picture of a head alows you to change the camera (you can choose for example the camera focused to the face of your figure). In the left upper corner there are tools for setting of lights (you can change them, add new ones or delete the old ones).
   Under the figure there are buttons for changing the figure appearance (wireframe figure, shadowed figure etc.), directly under the picture you can see a tow bar of an annimation panel. And in the upper part of the screen you can find the bookmark Setup which allows you to play with bones of your figure (really).
   There is a lot of tools in Poser - but this isn't a user guide for the software and we can't write about all of them. Maybe you could try to choose Display/Figure style/Cartoon from the menu, Display/Paper texture/Grain or Figure/Figure height (to choose if your figure is an athlete or a child)...
Use your 3D glasses
   When you are finished with the figure changes, you can render it. Just choose Render/Render from the menu. But it's not everything we need - because we want an anaglyph image for our 3D glasses. We need to make a right picture of the figure and then the left one.
    An anaglyph figure How to do it? Set the camera view (move or rotate it as you wish; as a consequence there will be shown the parameters of the camera to the right from the figure). Render a picture. Save it (you can use a Print Scrn key, paste it to a graphic editor and save it as a bmp image). Shift the camera to the right - use the Dolly X parameter to the right from your figure. If you haven't changed the scene and the camera position too much then the shift about 40 units should be OK (but you can experiment here - all depends on your scene). Render the picture and save it.
   And now load both pictures to the 3DJournal software and make a 3D picture. If you've used the Print Scrn key you shold crop the borders of the picture with buttons - to let only the anaglyph figure.
   In the full version of Poser there are more figures and you can use some interresting add-ons. If you need it. We wish you to have a lot of nice figures.

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