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Watching of stereoscopical video

   3D movies (3D video) offers a very interresting possibility how to use the anaglyph technology. You can download a lot of 3D videos from the Internet, but some of them can't be used with red-cyan glasses. We bring you a few tips how to convert them and a few video-links.

   It's neccessary to write, that you can find all the links from this article on our download page for members - and we update it there when necessary. Some links can be find on our download page for members .
Where is the video
   3D video uses the same principles as 3D pictures. But the video is usually much more compressed - and that's the reason why there could be problems with the 3D effect. We've selected some of the links with good videos.
   On this page you can find 3D videos (marked with an icon of camera). We reccommend to download them to the disk (click on the camera with the right button of the mouse and save the target video) and then to play them. The download can take a time - these videos are quite long.
   3D videos from a factory is on this page, some others are here.
Video conversion
   Some stereoscopical videos aren't intended for red-cyan glasses - but - for example - for parallel view. This technics is quite difficult to use for a lot of people - but there is a solution. It's name is Stereoscopic player - you can download it here - it's the first file in the Download & Installation section.
   (Doubleclick to the downloaded file and install it. If it doesn't install, you have to download and install InstMsiA.exe (for Windows 9x) or InstMsiW.exe (both on the same page) and restart the computer. Then try install the software again. On some computers the problems continue - we have had problems on one Windows 2000 system and it was impossible to find a solution, Windows XP systems were OK.)
   If you don't change the player settings then you see the right and the left picture of the video separately. For anaglyph set File/Layout/Side by side - Left image first. And then View/Viewing method/Color Anaglyph Red-Cyan. You can set a different anaglyph method as well (but it should be "Red-Cyan") - for example Gray Anaglyph Red-Cyan.
   You can use the VirtualDub software as well - you can download it here . But it's use is a little bit more complicated. For making of anaglyph video you have to download here the filter - Interlaced RGB 0.3. Decompress the VirtualDub to a directory and to it's subdirectory Plugins insert vdf file of the downloaded filter.
   Now run the software, load the video and go to Video/Filters. Press the button Add and add filter Deinterlace; set it to Fold side-by-side fields together. Then add filter Interlaced RGB, under Even Lines set RGB2Y. Add the same filter again and set under Even Lines Clone R and under Odd Lines Clone G B. Sometimes could be useful to add HSV adjust filter before all the other filters to lower the color saturation and to emphasize the 3D effect.
   And one important thing: The VirtualDub uses more output windows and if you use the 800 x 600 screen resolution, your output window can be invisible. Then there can help the menu Options/Vertical Displays.
   Have a good 3D video time - and maybe it's a good inspiration for your own 3D movies.

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